Styling Services

Your own special individuality is powerful and your priceless treasure!

 “Closet blues”, life changes, and upcoming new challenges or dressing to accommodate rapid changes in weight deserve style assistance. Dora loves helping her fashionistas experience renewed and refreshed perspectives on themselves and life.

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Is your closet full of clothes, yet not sure “what to wear”? We’ll edit out the unnecessary pieces to be sold or donated, coordinate new outfits and modify pieces with alterations. Clients report they are thrilled with the pieces we have “remade”. 

No more “closet blues”as I will spot your hidden gems and work with you to edit your closet quickly to build a new foundation. Any shopping patterns that are not benefiting you and costing you $$$ are quickly identified. 

I will help you identify the stars and the best styles in your closet, diagnose your “inner fashionista”, and recommend steps to move forward to maximize your inner beauty and confidence. Many lovely gals appreciate ideas and inspiration to discover what they truly desire “to be”. At this point or after shopping, I will create a photo album for you picturing all your new “looks”.After closet cleanups- common side effects include: feeling “lighter”, increased confidence, etc…


If you like, we will indulge in “retail therapy”, so you will be showcased in pieces that give you confidence and project your best self. We all want to be our best and most beautiful selves, when you look better, you feel better.  I will offer pristine choices for your approval. From vintage to my incredible (fun) designer deals/resale to Neiman Marcus and boutiques, I’ll get you “covered”!

Remember, the latest and greatest trend is only great when it’s stunning on you.

Let’s find the “stars” in your closet, acquire a few stars, or build an entire wardrobe that will carry from season to season, year to year. Incorporating items from boutique shops to designer-on-a-dime allows for fantastic diversity with your lifestyle pieces. Your own special individuality is your priceless treasure and dressing to express will be powerful and life changing.





















Fashion, Fun and Style with Dora!