Dora & Dora

Dear DoraSpectacular❣

A lot of people think Dora Spectacular is related to Dora the Explorer.
One thing is for sure, they both love Boots😛❗️

Oscar Tanner

Q: What do Dora the Explorer and DoraSpectacular have in common?

A: Dora the Explorer and Dora Spectacular are both friends

Virginie Ways

Q: What do they not have in common?

A: Dora saves The Snow Princess, while Dora the Explorer "bugga bugga"

Katie Worth

Q: Dora, have you ever played a a Dora Mermaid?

A: No, but I have had to wear a Dora Backpack with a Dora Mermaid!

Andy Pease

Q: Dora, I am going into a Business Interview, and I need some suggestions to calm down?

A: Welcome to the Dora Games. Let's have some fun!

Olivia Tames

Q: Dora, I'm ten years old, and I get mad at my mom. What should I do?

A: Dear Ten Year Old, I play a game called Dora Grown Up, and when I do that - I try to understand my mom and how much she does every day for me. Love her!

Dana Leese

Q: My name is Susy, and I am 12 years old, too. My mom gave me a book to read. It's called, Dora saves the Snow Princess. I really don't want to read this book, so what should I do?

A: Try watching Dora the Explorer Youtube.